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Richard Roebuck


Richard was born on May 22nd 1970 to parents Paul and Sheila Haigh. He attended Longwood Infants, Paddock Junior School and Newsome Highs School. Upon leaving school Richard trained as a chef, a career in which he excelled for 6 years before deciding to return to education.  

In 1993 Richard moved to Oxford to begin a bachelors degree in Social Theology, during the three year course he spent 6 months at Connecticut College, New London in the United States. He often describes this time as the most important of his life; "it was during my time at Conn. Coll. when I really became the person I am today, I have very little in common with the person I was before that time, being so far from home, away from family and friends, I could spread my wings and develop a sense of who I really was, in a new environment and surrounded by some of the craziest, most creative and generous people you could ever wish to meet I could just be whoever I wanted to be. It was an incredible time of self discovery".

Richard graduated from Oxford in 1996 and spent the next 12 months focusing on his writing skills, reading books, attending writing courses and developing his ideas. In 1997 he began a yearlong PGCE course at The University of Leeds and began a full time teaching job the following year.

It was in his role as teacher that his love of musical theatre began to come to the fore. In 1998 he designed the sets for a school production of 'Oliver!' and two years later went on to co-direct 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat'. It was after the success of this production that he began writing 'Cinderella - a Gothic Fairytale'. The show premiered in February 2004 to audience and critical acclaim and firmly set Richard on his path to success.

He currently writes successfully in many genre including theatre, film and as a lyricist. Richard and composer Neil Stem are currently planning to take their joint venture 'Studio 54' to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Richard is also spending time writing lyrics for Country Music and hopes to make links with a Nashville based composer in the very near future.

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