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Richard Roebuck
Othello Connection

Throughout Studio 54 there are references to Shakespeare's 'Othello'. The story itself is a loose interpretation using many key plot points and characters firmly grounded in Shakespeare's characters. Throughout the creative process we have tried to maintain the integrity of the Othello story while developing original characters rather transporting Shakespeare's characters to a 1970's disco. Although we do not experience a bloodbath of the same proportions as Othello we did feel that the show's ending was better left bitter-sweet (a twee ending had been the downfall of our original Othello based concept). In much the same way 'West Side Story' or 'Return to the Forbidden Planet' had to adapt and manipulate Shakespeare's 'plots' through dramatic necessity, so too have we. Hopefully making the show much more relevant and contemporary. 

Throughout the script and staging of the show there are subtle (and some not-so-subtle) 'nods' to Othello. From the 'Green eyed Monster' to military costume, from Jake MOORe to Nikita SantIAGO, we have endeavored to to keep a close spiritual bond with our inspiration. This also extends to Studio 54 itself. Our penultimate song being 'The Devils Gun', named after the first song played on opening night back in 1977!

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